Who we are & what we do for you.

ONA is about moving forward.  We move you forward in your profession and career by supplying the resources for you to be the up-to-date, modern and connected nurse of today.

We move all nurses forward through our advocacy work, as ONA is the only organization in Ohio that actively advocates for all the state’s nurses.  Without our work with Ohio General Assembly, Ohio Board of Nursing, employers and other healthcare organizations, there would not be many of the advances in nursing and healthcare in Ohio that there is today.

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In the section below you will find resources from external organizations. Please note when you leave the CE4Nurses learning site, this external content is controlled solely by the external organization.

Ohio Board of Nursing

You can view the Ohio Board of Nursing site for all OBN information.

For specific information on renewal, click here.

For specific information about CE requirements for reinstatement or reactivation, click here.

The board maintains a page with practice resources you can visit periodically for updates.

Contact the Ohio Board of Nursing here

Momentum Magazine

The Ohio Board of Nursing publication, Momentum, can be found here. It is free to view.

Momentum is published by the Ohio Board of Nursing and not by the Ohio Nurses Association.