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Learn about Leadership, Communication, and Workplace Advocacy as the 2023 Cornelius Leadership Conference offers nurses timely education within these three historically offered topic areas. 



The History of The Cornelius Leadership Conference

This conference is held in honor of  Dorothy Alice Cornelius. Dorothy was executive director of  the Ohio Nurses Association from 1957 to 1983, president of the International Council of Nurses from 1973 to 1977, president of the American Nurses Association from 1968 to 1970, and president of the American Journal of Nursing Company. 

The Cornelius Congress hosts this biennial continuing education event that features a Cornelius Keynote Address on Leadership in the Nursing Profession, a Porter Lecture on Workplace Advocacy, and a Martyn Paper on Communications. 
The Porter Lecture is named for Elizabeth K. Porter, one of the founders of the economic and general welfare program in the United States. 

The Martyn paper is named for Elaine H. Martyn, former executive director of ONA and editor of the Ohio Nurses Review.